West World

Unconsciously think of the song Letters Alive, then I realize it is a song that may lead myself to tears. Why I remember them so deeply these feelingness rich and secretly sad songs or works? 

It recalls me that in WestWorld, they said sorrow is the base of consciousness. For the artificial intelligent robots, it's not memory of repetition what gave them the awareness, but the feeling of strong sadness always keeps in the loop, which supports to build heart and mind, developing with thinking and exploring about why, and ending with endless... with endless what I have no idea, puzzle, helplessness, or anxiety? Almost all bad things. Is life always like this, is it a destiny that if you know, you got in pain? While anyway, they got awake.

While anyway, it's just said by an engineer in an uncoming science fiction drama. Although I keep thinking if it's the reason to explain myself.

In the drama, a fake west world was built serving for the rich to taste free killing and sex, without any consequence. Killing and sex are really the base-stone of that whole mess, the two most original desires for human. People got crazy and addicted. Then you see every ugliness in man's mind and hands. Like William dig himself, which you can never imagine to connect with the former boy. Horrible the inside desire, precious to insist good ones.


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