The word of TALK has been extremely fantastic since I started viewing American series. You wanna talk, you need to talk, let's talk, we talked, if you want to talk i'm here... Sounds like talk fix anything.

When troubles crash or something happened what makes life hard to catch up with, when the relationship between men and women smoothly changes or just not like before. People may live in one house but barely speak to the other as he or she does not exist, or right there is a far away business so one of them simply gone, kinda of common sense that human needs calm. Well, they are getting calm, maybe. 

A couple of days later, until one side felt some peace and is ready to settle by face, probably the one finished his business and come back, he makes a phonecall to appoint talk. Kinda of common sense that the only way to across is talk. So they meet, and talk. Yes I have to underline, they meet, not by phone or a man in middle. Sometimes calm thinking makes it possible to figure out. Other times, talk just fail or even screw up. At that time, like the only reason left is that inside you didn’t get real peace. There are lots  of sad stories one had to lick his own wounds at night, I know.

I used to desperate for a talk. I never got one. People have to be honest and I will not lie to myself. Those problems and feelings bothered me, I want to fix as soon as possible so I can feel right. Those bothers were all about you well you never seem to concern, or at least realize. Why I’m the only one who think to clear while you don’t? That’s not fair. Is that the difference between Chinese and American? Then why is the difference? Whatever, time passes by. I tried, but I never had. Still I have to repair. The day I found myself no longer need you or your talk, I thank god for being no average person. And thank those series for letting me know, there are times without expecting answer. So comes the moment people got flash by a stranger, but that may not seek.


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